Published: 3 months ago

@ibiwines will be here for our Vegan tasting dinner next week, September 6th and we're super excited! Stay tuned for more sneak peaks! 🌱 • • • • • • @ibiwines "Variety is the spice of life. And ibi is providing the spice we’ve been craving these days. But context matters. We wanted to make wines in the same style we’ve been making ciders, because the wines we’re drinking these days are more often of that world than not. We’ve also been chasing something that we’ve loosely defined as ‘chill’ - In the workplace, and outside of it. This Vidal was grown in Beamsville, and fermented in Guelph. In our warehouse. It needed a touch of something in the aroma, so we blended it with 10% nectarine cider. It’s a wide flavour pallet, a mixture of tropical and temperate fruits. 2018 vintage. On skins for 6 months."
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